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How we trade?

Comfort Trade:

You send your account data and we'll transfer coins on your account by safe and fast way. Or,

You get an account that has specific amount of coins you ordered, you can then transfer all the coins to your main account by yourself. We will change the password once we're noticed from you that you have transfered all the coins or in the next 2 weeks.

Player auction:

You have to list player from your ultimate team on transfer market exactly as is told in a discussion with a staff.

Payment method:

Make sure to update your contact information in your Prolife before you continue

Payment method:

If you are going to pay USDT, keep in mine that we have to wait for at least 1 confirmation from the transaction. Importantly, make sure we will receive the exact amount as specified - it helps us to notice your payment. Found that this is a hard work to do but still wanna pay USDT? - Please contact us directly so we can make it easier.

Payment can be made through Paypal account. Be Sure your paypal account is verified and can accept payments with no problem or payment provider(Paypal) will delay or block it completely.

For VCB transfer please add note the information that we will provide in session.

Except paypal payment for PS4 FiFa scripts, your orders have to wait for staffs to confirm. Once confirmed, a staff will contact you through your contact information (including your email) to help you with your order.

Comfort trade

Player auction