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You send your account data and we'll transfer coins on your account by safe and fast way. Or,

You get an account that has specific amount of coins you ordered, you can then transfer all the coins to your main account by yourself. We will change the password once we're noticed from you that you have transfered all the coins or in the next 2 weeks.

You have to list player from your ultimate team on transfer market exactly as is told in a discussion with a staff.

Video demo

PS4 Remote play

FiFa19 Tool & script links: Tool Script ver 1.0

Configured win 8.1 x64: link1 link2 (just ignore this shit first)

Open PS4 Remote play app > Settings > Set resolution to 360p (for best performance)

Then start it. Do not minimize or maximize the app after that.

Now you are remoting your ps4, use your mouse to click on the home button on PS4 remote play app till it switchs screen to your remote account.

Look at your folders where you have extracted the Tool & script packages.

Open the FiFa19 script folder, right click on "fifa19 script.dll" > Properties > Allow this file to work on your system.

After that, open the PS4Macro.exe file.

On PS4 Macro, chose File > Open, then chose the "fifa19 script.dll" file in the FiFa19 script folder.

Use your purchased account on this website (where to purchase) to sign in to use the script.

Once you have signed in successfully, now is for an important step. On PS4 Macro, chose Tools>Screenshot to capture an image.

After that go to screenshots folder, located at the same location as PS4 Macro's, have a look at the image you just captured. If your picture shows its dimentions is 1008x729 means you are good to go.

But if it's not, simply open Resize Remote Play Tool then change the dimentions till it fits 1008x729

Now before you start the PS4 Macro, disconnect your controller, keep in mind your formation has to be: 4-4-2. Make sure to send all GoalKeepers to your club, don't let them join the main formation, sub formation or res formation (if you don't have any players to replace them because you just created that EA account, place those GKs in the middle of sub team).In order to maximize the profit, add enough gold managers inside your club until they help you earn 50% when you apply player contract. Finally, sometime the script seems to be stuck, but try to give it like 5 mins to solve the puzzle before you reopen everything. (it rarely happens don't worry :)

In game, there are several areas where you can start PS4 Macro - likes SQUAD BATTLEs, SINGLE PLAYER SEASON or inside each of one.

Except this area where you edit your squad.

And this area where you first see it when you reconnect PS4 Remote Play while in game (simply press Esc to escape from this area).

Start PS4 Macro and enjoy mining.

Now for some reason your captured picture fits 1008x729 but the script is still stuck. This may happens when you are using a laptop to remote.

The best solution to this problem is to find a way to force PS4 Remote Play to not scale with the OS. There are 2 cases for this, one for the latest Windows 10 update and another for the earlier Windows 10 update (2017 and earlier). If you're running the LATEST update then you should have this icon in your taskbar!

Fix for latest Windows 10

1. Right-Click on the PS4 Remote Play shortcut and select Properties.

2. Go to Compatibility tab.

3. Select High DPI scaling override to System.

NOTE: If you're running an earlier Windows 10 that doesn't have the Task View icon, then choose override as System (Enhanced) instead.

It still doesn't work?

Well happy for you i did setup a virtual machine for this very shitty situation.

Download my cracked win8.1 as i have mentioned at the top, VMware Workstation Player 15 (no need to crack) to run my win8.1.

Chose File > Open.

Chose the VMX file (inside Win8.1 folder where you extracted).

Final step is chose "i copied it" then repeat the steps above.

Make sure to update your contact information in your Prolife before you continue

Payment method:

If you are going to pay USDT, keep in mine that we have to wait for at least 1 confirmation from the transaction. Importantly, make sure we will receive the exact amount as specified - it helps us to notice your payment. Found that this is a hard work to do but still wanna pay USDT? - Please contact us directly so we can make it easier.

Payment can be made through Paypal account. Be Sure your paypal account is verified and can accept payments with no problem or payment provider(Paypal) will delay or block it completely.

For VCB transfer please add note the information that we will provide in session.

Except paypal payment for PS4 FiFa scripts, your orders have to wait for staffs to confirm. Once confirmed, a staff will contact you through your contact information (including your email) to help you with your order.